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Los 50 mejores autos deportivos de la historia

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Publicado 11 March 2010 - 04:46 PM

Esta es una lista de los 50 mejores autos deportivos de toda la historia -segun esta pagina, pero estan bastaaante bien!-, esta en ingles, pero si entienden vale la pena leer cada uno de los comentarios que hacen respecto a cada auto. Se aprende MUCHO y al mismo tiempo te podes reir bastante. Esta el nombre del auto, una foto del mismo, el comentario (generalmente explica porque el auto esta en el top 50 o top 20 o top 10 y que hace que sea tan especial y explica lo que era el ambiente mundial en ese entonces etc) y abajo 2 links, uno a FOTOS de ese auto y otro a sus ESPECIFICACIONES. O sea, TODO.

Por ejemplo para que tengan una idea, esto dicen del Nissan GT-R (Skyline) que no voy a decir en que puesto esta =P solo para que vean el estilo de comentar, que hace que ver este top 50 sea muy entretenido.

Nissan Skyline o GT-R (GT-R en su ultima edicion, sin el nombre Skyline)

A car of, by, and for the Playstation Generation. That’s what the Skyline is. It was so extreme it was banned from the very streets of North America, and it was so dominant on the racing circuit, it was banned from certain competitions just to give other racers a chance. And the newest model, the R35 GTR, is simply the craziest most insanely capable version yet. It’s entirely programmable, from its engine to its four wheel drive, and it gives the driver more readouts than could be humanly possible to even care about. On the outside, the Skyline is almost in disguise, keeping the monster inside under wraps until that red light or that twisty mountain road comes up, and then a quick downshift and a whistle from the blow-off valve herald the release of “Godzilla” from its mundane trappings. It’s all very dramatic to be sure. But the Skyline appeals to people who are used to shifting gears with their index fingers and driving with their thumbs, and in non-numerical terms, the Skyline is rather plain. It has all the personality of a can opener, and the curb appeal of an Edmund Spenser poem–sure its beautiful, and undoubtedly significant, but you have to know something about British Literature to appreciate it. All those without a Masters in Tuning and Ricing need not apply.

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